Whale’s Tail Ring


The whale symbolises agility, power, strength and speed. This beautifully large ring, when worn, will help bring those qualities into your energy field and assist in enjoying the true tranquillity and beauty of this magnificent ocean being.

Ring Width Measurement: Approximately 20mm
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver
Weight: Approximately 3.50g

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Available in sizes 6½, 7½, 8½ and 9½.

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The whale tail, or flukes, symbolises strength, power, agility and speed. Whales are the earth’s record keeper of all time and also teach us to listen to our inner voice. They are about reality, nurturing, creativity, achievement and success. They also teach us about the importance of family (born into or found in the physical world) and community. They are also excellent communicators and pass this aspect to us when we are willing to learn from them. Beautiful, graceful and powerful, these amazing creates bring in and share so much for us.

Read more here about the metaphysical properties of s925 sterling silver.

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