Short description: Assists with basic trust in life, trusting ourselves, understanding, peacefulness, releases blockages, reinforces caution ….. 

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This essence is predominantly about having a basic trust in life and possessing the knowledge that the universe provides all that we need for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Quite often in our bodies we have blocks that prevent us from trusting when, and only when, that trust is warranted. These may be the result of past events in our life created by other beings which can cause the reaction of having very little trust in all beings and matters.

This beautiful essence releases these blockages. It engenders a basic trust that allows us to know that everything will be alright. It allows us to know that we can cope with anything and everything that happens in a more capable and steady way.

Trust Essence also allows us to trust ourselves and our instincts and allows us to live our lives in a freer state. We are able to believe our own judgement and believe in ourselves. It is also able to free us from worry over unnecessary concerns. It takes the veil away from the mind and heart and allows clarity of thought as we know we can trust what we feel.

This essence helps us to believe that there is a greater purpose and that everything happens for a reason. And when things happen, we know we need to, and can, trust the process of life. We may not always know why something happens, but we can be at peace with the process.

We must always be cautious as there are many beings around who do not act in a respectful manner to others. This essence reinforces this caution, yet it allows us to be more aware and able to trust where it is deserved.

This essence also works well in conjunction with Heart Essence, when there has been a betrayal of trust. This essence clears the disharmonious energies caused by the breach of trust. Heart Essence then heals the emotional component of the event. Both of these essences work very well individually to heal this issue, yet together they are a very potent combination.

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