Short description: Assists with major and minor transitions in life, creates harmony, balance, strength, endurance, understanding, learning, trust and patience with the process ….. 

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Transition is very much about transitioning from one major, or minor, part of our life, to another stage of our being.

These transitions occur in every stage of our life. It may be a starting your first job or a major change of your career path. It may be the first time you become a parent or transition from a parent of a younger child through to a teenager or an adult. All of these stages are different experiences and you may need assistance changing between them.  It may be that you are single and going into an important relationship or it may the reverse, letting go of a significant relationship that is no longer a good one for you. You may be making a major change in where you live by moving house or have lost a loved one. There is also a multitude of other circumstance where major changes occur that can be unsettling in the magnitude of the change.

This beautiful essence assists with these transitions through every stage of life. They create harmony and assist you to go smoothly with the flow instead of against the tide. It helps to balance and to weather the ups and downs of life. It gives strength and endurance to cope with all of the variations of life. It also assists in understanding what is happening and learning to trust the process and having patience with the process.

Major change? This gorgeous essence can help you into a more secure place in this universe. Vibrant, healing and loving, this essence helps you through all stages in this incarnation period.

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