Short description: Assists with clearing the causes of intolerance and helping understanding and growth towards tolerance …..

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Tolerance is not just about being tolerant with others, but it is about being tolerant with ourselves as well.

Frustration can build when we are not fully accepting people’s diversity. Some part of them will be something that will ignite an unpleasant spark within ourselves. This beautiful essence will help to remove the blockages or chinks that is causing this. Blockages generally occur from this lifetime. Chinks are usually from a past lifetime. This gorgeous essence is able to draw out energetically that which is no longer needed or no longer serves our highest good. It melts or fills, depending on what is required, that part of us that is not tolerant of all and their different aspects, their uniqueness, their right to be themselves.

Just as we can be intolerant of others, we can just as easily be intolerant with ourselves. The frustration that can boil over because we are not being perfect or not doing everything perfectly can be very destructive. There are a multitude of actions and reactions that occur because of our intolerance with ourselves. But none of them are good for our whole self. This beautiful essence melts away the cause of this intolerance and takes us in to a much better field of energy.

Knowing and understanding the causes of intolerance is the first step. Taking action about it is the second. This amazing essence is part of the whole solution to becoming a kinder, better and more knowledgeable human being. Welcome to the world!

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