Beaded Stack Ring


This beautiful sterling silver beaded stack ring is made of s925 sterling silver spheres joined together to combine to give an awesome look and feel. Spheres are here to remind us of the whole and the eternalness of so much. This casted ring looks amazing on its own or can be combined with other stack rings to make an absolute statement of individuality and design. 

Ring Width Measurement: Approximately 2mm
Weight: Approximately 1.0g
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver

Available in sizes 4½, 5½, 6½, 7½, 8, 8½ and 9½.

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This amazing piece of jewellery will not only be a beautiful ring to wear, it also helps you from a metaphysical viewpoint as well.

Spheres represent the whole, the eternal, infinity, completeness, healing and unity to name but a few.  

Like the circle, the sphere has no beginning and no end, thus representing the eternalness and infinity of all that is. Just like this earth that gives us the ability to survive, the sphere represent the whole of what is, not just the individual parts vying for resources. It has the ability to heal us when we are not well as this beautiful earth gives us so much, we just need to look for it. The sphere and earth also gives us the opportunity to start, complete and end a physical cycle whilst not ever ending the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth. This earth, the sphere, also allows us to be together and prosper through unity rather than be divided and at conflict with each other.

Linked to the crown chakra and consciousness, the sphere is a highly vibrational state that can take us to places that have a divine vibration and is a joy to be in.

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