Short description: Assists with  restoring original pure vibrations, achieves balance, hope, trust, knowledge, faith …..

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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This essence restores that which has been lost but which is needed for the higher consciousness to achieve the goals of this incarnation. It helps to move past ingrained patterns and unnecessary habits which do not serve the higher consciousness.

It also helps to achieve a better balance in life and to restore lost beliefs which are beneficial for this lifetime. It helps to rebuild hope, spiritual trust and equanimity. It also helps to have belief in the universal principles, the knowledge that all happens for a reason. It can also restore faith in our fellow human beings, a belief that there is value and a place for all.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm

50ml, 100ml