Short description: Assists with releasing disharmonious and toxic thought and mental patterns, “stuckness”; promotes clarity, mental stimulation and energy flow, true to ourselves …..

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This strong essence is considered one of the most important basic essences, along with Cleanse and Protect and Heart Essence. Its major function is to release disharmonious and toxic thought and mental patterns, particularly ingrained ones.

Within each of us, no matter our physical gender, we have both masculine qualities, the right side of the body, and feminine qualities, the left side of the body. Whilst the heart is about the feminine and the emotional and spiritual, the masculine is more about the mind, the mental, the physical and the material.

Release essence is about working on our mental thought patterns which we all have. It releases disharmonious mental thought patterns which is in-ground into our thinking, the “stuckness” which is in all our minds.

Releasing these disharmonious thought patterns allows meridians to be unblocked and the energy to flow more easily through our entire body. It also follows that we have better mental clarity and stimulation. Our thinking is clearer and we have increased focus to ensure important matters are achieved.

It works incredibly well on the upper metaphysical body, the shoulders and upwards, and the base chakra. If you think you are shouldering a responsibility that is not yours, then this is the essence for you. It also strongly works well on the right side of the metaphysical body.

A very good mantra to use with this essence is “I release all disharmonious thought patterns that are not serving or do not serve my highest purpose”.

Release Essence is about repairing the masculine metaphysical body of all of us. It is about healing it, releasing it, and strengthening it. It allows us to leave the past behind (i.e. unwanted learnt behaviour) and to live in the present by our own standards and beliefs instead of someone else’s. It allows us to be more true to every aspect of ourselves, our own path, our own truth. It is almost like being born anew. We are given a clean slate and can start again in the mental, metaphysical field.

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