Short description: Assists with relaxing the mind, soothing mental chatter, a peaceful state, clear thinking, a deeper meditative state ….. 

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Relax essence is all about achieving relaxation of the mind.

So often in life the mental chatter won’t stop. We are thinking about work, our relationships, our children, responsibilities, and the challenges we face. This never ending chatter of the mind makes it incredibly difficult to achieve a peaceful state. What is best for good health is, at times, to just turn the mind off and relax. This essence brilliantly succeeds in achieving this act.

It clears the jumble out so that we can just have some quiet time. It will also clear all of the static so that if we choose to focus on one particular matter, we can do so in a clear, analytical manner.

Relax Essence both clears and balances our thought patterns and promotes clear, rational thinking. It is very good in calming a “hectic” brain and gives us the opportunity to regroup and relax. It specifically focuses on mental calmness.

This essence is also an excellent aid for meditation as it soothes the mental chatter and therefore allows a deeper meditative state.

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