Short description: Assists with all forms of prosperity, removes prosperity blockages; promotes knowledge, clarity, understanding, appreciation, growth ….. 

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This beautiful and powerful essence promotes prosperity on every level and removes blockages that prevent this prosperity. It promotes an inner knowing of which path in the road to take to ensure prosperity, allows us to be ourselves and promotes clarity. It also helps us to understand the wealth that we already possess and appreciate what we do have.

It helps us to understand what is of most importance to us.  When we know what is important, that we are prosperous, then we have both the knowledge and the ability to focus on achieving our goals.

It is far more about whole life prosperity rather than just material prosperity. It will help in this area as well, as the essence is designed to promote abundance and remove blockages in every field. Nonetheless, prosperity takes many forms and this essence helps to make abundance possible and real in all of them. Its major function is to assist in bringing in the prosperity that is most important for our life journey.

It allows us to be ourselves while we enjoy our good fortune without losing sight of who we really are, the essential being-ness of ourselves. So many of us hide behind masks. This essence dissolves the need to do so. We are not only able to be in our own power but also be completely comfortable in being there. It liberates us from the need to hide or pretend.

Prosperity Essence promotes clarity as it reduces uncertainty about which choices to make. It is irrelevant what our particular goals are in life as it brings about the opportunities for us to achieve that which is necessary for our higher self and does not let us stray from that path. Abundance naturally flows from this as we are able to clearly see what will make us happy. A happy person is without doubt an extremely prosperous one.

Additionally, this essence allows our natural talents to be unbottled so that we can create our own path. It assists in reducing idle time and promotes productivity from which prosperity flows. It assists in helping us to determine our own future and gives us a greater understanding of what is to come. Prosperity may mean being free from the past. This essence assists us in this field as well.

Importantly, it helps us to realise the true value of what we already have and appreciate all that we currently have in our lives.

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