Short description: Assists with bringing masculine energy into our total energy field when it is absent ….. 

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This essence helps to teach us the necessity for the masculine energetic qualities in our daily lives. It is not about being a male, but bringing out the masculine energy in either a man or a woman if that energy is depleted or scattered.

As humans we have both masculine and feminine energy. Energetically or spiritually the left side of the body is the feminine. It is about the spiritual, the caring, the giving, the nurturing and many other feminine qualities. The right side of the body is the masculine. It is about the physical, work, career and many more.

Traditional masculine concepts include such perceptions as strength, the ability to rely or lean on, power, decisiveness, active, dominant, leading the way, analytical, assertive and logical.

This essences is designed to assist where masculine qualities are either absent or scattered and need to be enhanced, no matter what your physical gender.

This essence can very easily used by men if they feel they are lacking some basic masculine energy. It can equally be used by women if they feel that they need to bring some different and absent energy into their total energy field.

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