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Short description: Assists with increased growth of lawn and plants. Very good for struggling plants and bare patches in the lawn ….. 

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This essence enables in the assistance of accelerated growth of lawns and plants.

The vibrational frequency in this essence promotes a quicker growth rate than could normally be expected. It is particularly useful when plants are struggling to grow and where there are bare patches in the lawn.

Directions for use:

Put 3-7 drops in a 14 litre watering can and fill with water. Water to the depth of the roots of the lawn or the plant or flower. Use as a normal watering agent for all plants, flowers and vegetation.  You can add more essence (up to 20 drops) to facilitate faster growth.

For lawns, in very dry conditions, water the ground a little prior to application. This allows the essence and water to be full absorbed into the soil and by the roots.

Once applied, normal regular watering will also help to accelerate growth as it stays in the soil for some time.

The frequency of application depends upon your needs. If you have small bare patches, apply once or twice a week until the bare patch is fully grassed. With large areas, apply to the edges where the grass is already growing and approximately 1 (one) metre into the bare area.

Apply at least once a week when this is possible. More frequent use is perfectly appropriate and will increase growth. Natural rain will greatly help this process, so it is even better to use when rainfall is expected. 

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