Short description: Assists With: Healing emotional issues, releasing past issues, learning, acceptance, understanding, giving and receiving love, overcome barriers to happiness, moving forward, renewed love of life, Respect the mind, listen to the heart. …..

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Healer of the heart and of any current or past emotional heart centre issues. It helps us to learn from past experiences and accept why they occurred and to move forward to new beginnings. It allows us to be more receptive to having loving relationships in our lives, including the one we have with ourselves. It increases our capacity to give and receive love, not just on the emotional plane, but also on the spiritual plane.

This beautiful essence helps to overcome barriers to joy in all emotional aspects of our life and helps to release the past. It seals any broken chords or schisms and allows us to be emotionally whole again. It helps us to move forward and away from past turmoil. It renews love in our life, the love of life itself, and is a powerful emotional cleanser and healer.

Heart essence also releases anger and restores balance, beauty and joy in our lives and wraps us up in a warm blanket of love.

This essence also has the ability to just simply make us feel happier. It increases the joy in our life and gives us the ability to appreciate, on a much greater level, every aspect of our lives. From the smallest gift, to the greatest miracles in our lives, we are able to savour each new component with a greater depth, understanding and appreciation for all that we receive.

Heart essence reinforces the very important message of: Respect the mind, but listen to the heart.

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