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Short description:Assists with opening our heart centre to fully enjoy life where we have in any way closed any part of ourselves …..

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Heart Opener is an essence for those of us who have in any way closed down any part of our emotional self.

Events ranging from minor emotional issues to much more severe and painful issues can cause us to close part of ourselves off, and in some cases, close a great deal of our heart off. Often this happens for self-preservation reasons, but it also prevents us from fully enjoying our life.

Past issues can prevent us from taking appropriate risks. Whenever we open ourselves up to a relationship, whether it be romantic, friendship, family or any other emotional or spiritual connection, we risk being hurt in the process. However, it is only by taking the appropriate risks that we get to enjoy the amazing and satisfying relationships that make life a pure joy.

Heart Opener Essence also helps to clear any long held and unnecessary emotional feelings which are not in the best interests of our whole being. These may be feelings of insecurity, low self esteem, guilt, fear, or any old held in emotions that are not in our higher self’s soul plan. This essence helps us to know how infinitely valuable and brave we are and assists us in having a happier and satisfying life.

Where there has been any emotional or spiritual past pain, this beautiful and gentle essence can bring us back to our more natural, fulfilling and enjoyable self. One where we can be in the moment, instead of allowing the past to control our present. 

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