Dolphin Symbolism

Major properties: communication, knowledge, wisdom, emotions, protection, playfulness, spiritual, grace.

Dolphins are all about communication, knowledge, wisdom, emotional balance, heart-felt connections, playfulness, protection, leaning about the deeper side of life and ourselves, soul helper and grace.

A dolphin is a beautiful and graceful being, who allow us to communicate with great agility, strength and poise. They have a wealth of knowledge on all matters, both physical and spiritual, and are happy to share this and teach us about better ways and thereby engendering wisdom.

They are also very much heart based beings, able to help us balance ourselves emotionally and foster deeper and meaningful connections, both with ourselves, and with others. This allows a deeper understanding of both ourselves, the spirit world, others and the universe in general. They allow us to do this with grace, poise and dignity.

Dolphins are also here to remind us to be playful and enjoy life, to protect us, to help us to protect others, to be strong and stand our ground and show our true selves.

They truly are amazing creatures whose presence is able to lift us, teach us and empower us.

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