Major properties: in progress: nurturing, balances mind body spirit, peaceful, joy, happiness.

Still working on it but in the meantime …..

Chalcedony: sacral and solar plexus chakras. Nurturing crystal which promotes togetherness and goodwill. Balance, benevolence, generosity.

Zodiac signs linked into chalcedony are Aquarius, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius.

Aqua in particular: nurturing, calming, spiritual connections, higher realm during meditation, peaceful, mental and emotional stability, removes negative energies, memory, mental dexterity and flexibility, throat chakra.

Blue in particular (Throat chakra): balance between mind, body and spirit, verbal dexterity, memory, learn new languages, mental flexibility, improves self perception, said to lower blood pressure, said to have an anti-inflamatory effect.

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