Garnet Properties

The power and strength of garnet make this crystal one of the basics of any crystal collection.

Creating abundance and driving you forward with passion, garnet allows you to truly be yourself whilst staying true to your purpose. It sets you free from any chains, illusions and limitations.

Garnet is regenerating whilst is cleanses and purifies us on emotional and psychic levels. It protects us and lessens emotional disharmony.
This crystal can be both emotionally calming and balancing. It has the ability to enable stability as it is heavily anchored to the energy of the earth. For this reason, it is an excellent crystal to use in a crisis as it not only balances but also strengthens all parts of our being.

Associated with the first or base chakra, it also cleanses and energises all of the chakras and realigns them to produce a centred, balanced and powerful energy.

As it assists with psychic energy, it may also be of assistance in alleviating bad dreams. Some say it can also assists with psychic connections.

They are also said to contain luck and can be of great assistance in achieving success in many fields. However, it is best avoided when negative emotions such as anger are present as it can increase this emotion and create further agitation.

It is also extremely beneficial in the areas of creativity, self confidence, creating good boundaries both for the self and for others, taking your power back and fortifying determination.

Very suited to those born in January and Aquarians, it is also in high demand from all those who prize the qualities of this amazingly powerful crystal.

Garnet heart shaped ring