Amethyst is highly spiritual crystal, encouraging all those who wear it to take the higher road. Aiding the spiritual journey of all, it has an abundance of  metaphysical properties to assist all who use this beautiful crystal.

It is a highly protective crystal, both in the physical and spiritual realms and guards against psychic attack. Amethyst helps in meditation as it clears the mind and builds a bridge to the spirit world and enhances psychic ability. It relieves pain and stress and helps to calm, relax and nurture a person. This crystal is also a master healer.  

Linked to the Crown Chakra, it helps with all matters of the mind. It activates the mind, assists with wisdom, understanding, abundance, memory, clarity and focus. It is said by some to be a master healer, indicating that it is a very advanced crystal. Amethyst also helps with addictions and cleansing the body. Known also to aid with the lungs, digestion, immune system, intestines and  Assisting with impatience, memory, balance, clarity and focus, it is a
brilliant crystal to wear as a piece of jewellery or to have in your collection.

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