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Aquamarine Ring


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Aquamarine Ring
This beautiful Aquamarine ring allows you to feel the gorgeous and relaxing energy of the sea. Wearing this crystal helps to gently submerge yourself in to the soft, gentle, soothing, calming, tranquil, cleansing and loving vibration of this crystal.
It also helps us to attain a higher degree of spiritual awareness and connection with the higher self. Assisting in meditation and personal growth, it also  helps healers to heal. A beautiful assist to travel in and around water, it offers a protective energy shield around the wearer. Said to assist in communication, courage, overcoming grief and loneliness, and to reconnect with the earth's life giving water propertie, it promotes serene and tranquil living.
Goregeous, calming and tranquil, it is a valuable addition to any crystal collection.
Crystal size: Appromixately 10mm round
Shipping: $8.50

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