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Promotes acceptance with every situation in life, assists change, knowledge, understanding, evolving, overcoming resistance …..
Acceptance Essence is a truly beautiful, gentle and calming essence which promotes acceptance with all people, situations and events in life to ensure a smoother and happier journey in life.
This essence firstly helps us to accept ourself for exactly who we are. The beautiful, the good, the areas that need work; each aspect is fully understood and integrated into the whole being. It allows us to be aware of our talents and abilities, as well as the areas that need work to ensure our progress as sentient beings.
Additionally, it leads us to accepting others for who they are. It ensures that we are not judgemental, but merely aware.  We understand that we are all both perfect in ourselves and perfect in our imperfections, and we are all on a path of our own. This allows us to let others to be in their own space and travel on their path in their time.
Accepting Essence also ensures that we accept the current situation for what it is, no matter what it may be. We can’t necessarily change what is happening around us. This essence allows us to be at peace with any situation that is occurring and helps us to keep our equanimity while change, sometimes turmoil is occurring. It gives us the serenity to be able to endure difficulties without resistance and know that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not yet aware of the whole picture of any event.
Life is a process which is, at times, challenging. This essence helps us to accept all challenges with the deep and certain knowledge that we can make our way through the fog, learn what we need to learn from the process, and recognise the value of the knowledge we have gained.
We can accept the world for the way it is. It can be tumultuous out there at times, and this essence helps to calm choppy waters to enable smoother sailing.
We are who we are. Others are who they are. Events happen and they are what they are. This beautiful essence helps us to accept all that is and keeps us on an even keel through the process.

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