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Chakra Opener

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Opens and aligns chakras, clears blockages and static, patterns the direction, strengthens and activates, balances, centres …..
Chakra Opener Essences not only opens our chakras, it also clears blockages, activates, strengthens and aligns them to increase our general sense of wellness which engenders a happier state.
This essence strengthens the chakras if they have been weakened by our experiences or environment. Removing blockages, including removing hooks from past experiences, it assists in balancing and settling our energy. It clears and cleanses and allows the joy of life to flow into us. Additionally, a protection function is enabled toward all of the chakras to enable the fluidity of energy flow throughout our entire system. It may call on us to question ourselves when we are not acting in our own best interests.
At times, chakras can be spinning in the wrong direction. Each chakra has its own pattern, action and direction. It is not necessarily a sign of disharmony if they are spinning in different directions, for it may be that is what is needed for a goal to be achieved or for the occurrence of personal growth.  However, if a chakra is spinning in the counter direction to the one that is best for the whole self, then disharmony will occur. This essence ensures that the chakras are spinning in the correct direction to bring about a sense of balance.
This essence clears out the static in and between the chakras, thereby creating greater cohesion of action between them. It also activates dormant chakras for increased well-being and can also anchor us when it is needed so that we are more grounded. All of this combines to allow us to be a more centred person.
Different colours in the aura represent different aspects or areas or our lives. Being able to see and interpret these colours can give insight into what may be coming into our life, what may need some work, or what may currently be our strong areas. This essence assists in seeing these colours clearly or more clearly.
Balancing, settling, grounding and harmonising our chakras helps to increase our sense of well-being. Cleansing and clearing our energy centres assists in a more composed and harmonious whole self. This beautiful essence helps our lives on multiple levels.

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